Write For Us

Broad Studies is always accepting submissions and we would love for you to write for us.


  1. You must be a woman or nonbinary person who works, has worked, or wants to work in software.
  2. Your blog post should be related to software or community building.
  3. (Optional) You’re okay with me referring to you as a classy broad.

That’s it! If that sounds like you, please reach out! We prefer to publish posts that are between 500-1500 words. That’s a pretty big range, but we cover a broad range of topics. If your post is outside that range, send us a draft. We can work something out together.

Please create a google doc and either email the link or share with broadstudiestech@gmail.com. You should expect to hear back from us within one week.

Republishing Materials

We prefer to publish original material. If you have a blog post you’d like to repurpose for Broad Studies, email us and we’ll decide whether your post is a good fit.

You’re free to republish material posted on Broad Studies on a personal blog or site. However, we would appreciate it if you included a link pointing to the original source.


The editors are happy to work with you on polishing your draft before publication. We expect drafts to be spell and grammar checked before submission, but we also understand that typos happen to the best of us. We might go back and forth on editing a bit, but that’s because we want to help you craft the best possible version of your blog post before publishing it. We might make some suggestions for voice or style edits, but you will get a chance to approve all changes before we publish your work.

When Will My Post Go Up?

Broad Studies does not currently have a set publication schedule. Your post will go up after both you and the Broad Studies staff agree that your post is ready for publication. If you have particular deadlines you would like to work around, or if your post is time sensitive, please let us know so we can help accommodate you.