What is a now page?

What have you been up to lately?

I had some pretty ambitious goals at the end of 2017. Unfortunately, it's part of a pattern of me overextending myself and then crashing. Hard. My theme for 2018 so far has been "less is more."

I'm trying to get into the office earlier, leave earlier, and spend more quality time with my friends and my cat. It's been a smashing success so far.

This is my second year helping organize PyOhio, the Midwest's best Python conference. It's a joy and a perfect venue for new speakers. The CFP is open. You should pitch a talk (yes, you).

I might start working on a couple of my side projects like Bookpinions and Test Driven Python again soon. Then again, I might not.

I'm reading a lot of SCP Foundation stuff. It brings me joy.

What do you have coming up?

  • Stephanie Slattery and I are still working on putting together the second Super Fun Friends Zone mini-conference. The tentative theme is hot takes and rants. More info coming soon.
  • I've been reading some, but not as much as I like. I want to double down on my reading time and actually hit my 52 book goal for this year. I'm 4 books behind schedule, which is a manageable gap to close.
  • I still really want to work through my backlog of kickstarted games. Bluebeard's Bride and By the Author of Lady Windermere's Fan are high up on my list. If you live in the Chicago area and want to play games, tweet at me.
  • What color is your hair now?

    I got it done in January and it's more purple than before! We mixed some blue into the ends to cancel out the magenta that was there before. I still have the pink at the nape of my neck, but it's starting to fade.

    Also, I have recently started wearing hats.

    How is your cat?

    Fitz is doing great! A few friends have been over in the last few weeks, so he's gotten to meet new people and smell new interesting smells. He loves the large knit blanket I got for Christmas and his catnip banana.

    Photo of a grey cat on a kit blanket gripping a cloth banana full of catnip

    last updated 2018 March 22