PostgreSQL, Unit Testing April 6, 2016 jess No comments

Speed up your (postgres) unit tests with one weird trick!

My coworker was lamenting to her database administrator friend about our slow-as-tar unit tests. They unearthed a postgres setting that halved our Jenkins build time when disabled. This was the single biggest performance boost to our unit tests after several attempts at optimization. fsync fsync is a PostgreSQL configuration setting that helps with reliability and disaster recovery. It’s […]

Unit Testing December 21, 2015 jess No comments

Stop commenting out your tests

There’s little I dislike more than checking out a project and seeing large sections of the test module commented out. If I’m lucky there might be a TODO at the top of the section that describes why the test is commented. It’s a pretty solid bet that the TODO is out of date. It’s also likely that […]