Blogging December 28, 2015 jess 2 comments

Working up the will to blog

I wrote a few Tumblr posts when I first started Dev Bootcamp. Documenting how the experience affected me and the things I learned was exciting at first. However, I gave up the practice when the tedium of daily life took over the initial excitement. Now, over a year and a half later, I wish I had […]

Git December 26, 2015 jess No comments

My favorite underutilized git option

We all strive for clean, single purpose commits with meaningful messages. This can be difficult in practice if you’ve done a lot of debugging since your last commit. Many people I know use git commit -A or git commit . when developing and maintaining features. This is fine when making small changes, but I don’t […]

Unit Testing December 21, 2015 jess No comments

Stop commenting out your tests

There’s little I dislike more than checking out a project and seeing large sections of the test module commented out. If I’m lucky there might be a TODO at the top of the section that describes why the test is commented. It’s a pretty solid bet that the TODO is out of date. It’s also likely that […]

Logging December 13, 2015 jess No comments

Pitfalls of Logging with NewRelic Insights

NewRelic Insights is a pretty nifty way to log custom events in your application. It has some ready made charting features that make it easy to track the frequency of custom events week to week. It also serves as a handy way to spot-check your request volume or error frequency  after a new release or bug fix. […]